Assorted Information

town of rowland, assorted information

The Town of Rowland has its own library. This library houses thousands of books. It is open every day from Monday to Friday. It is closed Saturday and Sunday.

The Town of Rowland also has its very own Post Office. This post office is open Monday through Saturday. It is, of course, closed on Sunday. ...  Read More

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History and Stats

town of rowland, history and stats

The Town of Rowland was founded in 1889. It started as a rural farming community and then slowly started building itself up. As of the last census the population was listed as 1037. This was the 2010 census to be exact. ...  Read More

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Festivals and Celebrations

town of rowland, celebrations, festivals

If you come to visit the Town of Rowland (or come to live here), there are many different things you can do. The Town has a wide range of Celebrations and Festivities. They have a Celebrations Committee, which has only one purpose, which is to aid in festivities and celebrations of the town. Many of these events are yearly. Let us discuss some of these. ...  Read More

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town of rowland, climate

The Climate in the Town of Rowland is very pleasant. The summers are hot but not too hot and the winters are mild. You won’t need to shovel snow very often and if you do, it will be small amounts normally like a half of an inch or an inch. If you lived up north for any length of time you will know that an inch is nothing in the winter. ...  Read More

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Emergency Services

town of rowland, emergency services

The Town of Rowland has a competent police force. They patrol the Rowland town limits and any annexed areas. They have the latest body armor and weapons and communications systems. They do a very good job enforcing laws and protecting people. You don’t want to be a criminal and mess around with the Town of Rowland’s police force. ...  Read More

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