Assorted Information

The Town of Roland has its own library. This library houses thousands of books. It is open every day from Monday to Friday. It is closed Saturday and Sunday.

The Town of Roland also has its very own Post Office. This post office is open Monday through Saturday. It is of course closed on Sunday.

Another interesting feature for the Town of Roland is they have a Retirement Community Committee. This committee has many purposes and functions. These are centered on getting retirees and commuters, specifically those with connections to military installations (like Fort Bragg) and Robeson County and the neighboring Cumberland County. This Retirement Community Committee was to improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors. They want to provide a wide and diverse set of activities. These activities are intended to provide social opportunities, physical health activities, mental stimulation, community pride, forms of enjoyment and relaxation among other things. The town wants residents to make use of the towns open spaces and parks to the fullest extent possible and practical. The Town covers over 1 square mile of land and whatever they can do, to use it profitably they will do.

The Town of Roland is also proud to have a Senior Citizen Center. The center houses and oversees senior activities which are made to be convenient to those participating. The center is open Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8 am to 11:15 am. They serve a nutritious lunch daily there. There are also many games and activities for the seniors to enjoy. The Center is located on West Main Street right next door to the library. In addition, the Council of Governments transportation service invites people to order pickups for any person interested in getting to and from the Senior Center. They also offer a meals on wheels delivery, for any and all home bound seniors.

History and Stats

The Town of Roland was founded in 1889. It started as a rural farming community and then slowly stared building itself up. As of last census the population was listed as 1037. This was the 2010 census to be exact.

The Town of Rowland has several historic places. The Centenary Methodist Church, the Rowland Main Street Historic District, The Ashpole Presbyterian Church, and the Rowland Depot are all listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The United States Census Bureau has currently listed the town as having a total area of 1 and 1/10 square miles.

If you are traveling on Interstate 95, it is only 1 exit north of a very famous roadside attraction know as South of the Border.

The racial makeup of the Town of Rowland (according to the 2010 census) was 70% Black, 21% White, 6% Native American, and 2% from two or more races.

These stats are different from the census done in the year 2000. That census lists the racial population as 68% Black, 27% White, 4% Native American, and 1% of two or more races.

While these stats are different, which shows some activity in the Town of Roland, they are not that different. It seems that the Town of Roland is relatively stable in its racial makeup stats.

The Town of Roland is located in the Country of the United States of America, the State of North Carolina, and the County of Robeson. The time zone is listed as Eastern Standard Time and the zip code is listed as 28383. It only has 1 area code for phones and that is 910.

The Town population spread is listed as 26% under the age of 18 years of age, 7% from 18 to 24 years of age, 25% from 25 through 44, 23% from 45 to 64, and 18% 65 years of age and older. The listed median age was 38 years old. As far as the sexes go there are many more females than males. There are only 80 males for every 100 females. If you are only counting females age 18 and over there were only about 70 males over 18.

This concludes a brief oversight of the Town of Rowland.

Festivals and Celebrations

If you come to visit the Town of Roland (or come to live here), there are many different things you can do. The Town has a wide range of Celebrations and Festivities. They have a Celebrations Committee, which has only one purpose, which is to aid in festivities and celebrations of the town. Many of these events are yearly. Let us discuss some of these.

The Springfest Art Show and Festival has been a yearly celebration going back to 2000. During this festival, many vendors of all different varieties come. There are handmade crafts, pottery, face painting, inflatable games, balloon sculpting, music, clowns, dancing and food. Lots of food. A high point of this event is a special art show which displays the work of students from Southside Ashpole, South Robeson, and Rowland Middle School. It is a good way to get community participation and maybe even help some budding artists to realize their talents. The art is shown at the Historic Depot and Museum.

The Christmas Parade and Festival is another annual event held in the Town of Roland. This event is held on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving is celebrated. In the Christmas Parade, they have a horse show, floats (of course), fraternities, sororities, trucks, cars, beauty queens, marching bands, a fire truck, vintage tractors and Santa Claus. Local business sponsor some of the floats and many participants are chosen from the local schools.

The last major event we will discuss is the Veterans Day Celebration. This event occurs on November 11 that 11 am. It is held at the Historic Depot. There are many bricks with veteran’s names inscribed on them. This is done to honor those who served and to always remember them.

That sums up the major events celebrated by the Town of Roland each year.


The Climate in the Town of Roland is very pleasant. The summers are hot but not too hot and the winters are mild. You won’t need to shovel snow very often and if you do, it will be small amounts normally like a half of an inch or an inch. If you lived up north for any length of time you will know that an inch is nothing in the winter.

When I lived in New York it was not unusual to have to shovel snow ten times during the winter and it was several inches up to a foot in depth. This is really inconvenient. During my time in North Carolina, I have only had to shovel snow maybe 3 times in 12 years. None of these times had more than an inch or an inch and a half of snow. It is nice to not have to shovel snow but when you do, it is a small amount.

Now when it does snow, you are better off staying at home, if possible, because down south, they get far less snow than up north, and they also do not have the same snow removal resources that they do up north. This means the roads are not cleaned as fast, or as often, as up north. This means the road conditions can be really dangerous. Combine this with the fact that down south, they get less practice with driving in winter storm conditions, this can make a perilous situation. So because of this I would advise you to stay home if at all possible and wait out the conditions until they return to normal. As they say, “It is better to be safe than to be sorry”.

If you do visit the Town of Roland in the summer or winter you will probably be pleasantly surprised. The exceptions would be, if you love the cold or want to ski (we don’t have good skiing conditions here), or if you like it really hot like Florida for example.

Emergency Services

The Town of Rowland has a competent police force. They patrol the Rowland town limits and any annexed areas. The have the latest body armor and weapons and communications systems. They do a very good job enforcing laws and protecting people. You don’t want to be a criminal and mess around with the Town of Rowland’s police force.

They also have a Chief of Police who is appointed by the Town Council. He manages everything related to police and animal control. The Town of Rowland has their own fire department. This fire department is an all-volunteer fire department. They do a good job too. The Town of Rowland Fire Department serves the Town of Rowland and any and all areas within a six mile radius of the Town of Rowland. They have 7 trucks in their service. Two of these are leased and five are owned by the Town of Roland. They of course have a Fire Chief to oversee all the Fire Department issues.

In addition to the Town of Roland’s Police Department and Fire Department they also have the Rowland Rescue Squad. This rescue squad is composed of all-volunteers. It serves the Town of Roland and surrounding areas. They are trained to do various things. Some of which are, rescue work, people and animal removal from hazardous situations, stabilize people needing medical treatment or rescue. The Rowland Rescue Squad has 1 ambulance. It also holds 3 of the Roland Fire departments fire trucks.

Many times the when the Roland Rescue Squad is called upon, the Roland Fire department will respond as well. The same holds if the Fire Department is called. The Roland Rescue Squad has a Squad Director to manage all Squad related functions.

This concludes our overview of the Town of Rowland’s emergency services. We hope you never have to use them, but be aware they are there just in case.